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Before booking: 

My nail art is done in gel polish and is charged based on intricacy level :

If you aren't sure which level of nail art to book, please message me with a photo of the kind of thing you want and I can let you know which level to go for!

LEVEL 1  ~ £55  / 1 hr 1o mins  (Simple nail art)

LEVEL 2  ~ £65  / 1 hr 30 mins  (Medium level nail art)

LEVEL 3 ~ £75  / 1 hr 45 mins  (Detailed nail art)

LEVEL 4  ~ £85 + / 2 hr 15 mins +  (Super intricate, custom, or mix and match nail art) 

CARNIVAL Mix n Match ~ £75 (up to 3 designs)

Cancelation Policy 

I take a £15 deposit which is non refundable. The rest of your appointment is paid in person.


Please make sure to give me more than 24 hours notice if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. 

Thank you,